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69. Back at Base Camp

I’m in Shelter Bay Marina. In Panama. Right next to the Atlantic entrance to the canal that will take me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. And I get the same feeling here as I got back in Lanzarote. A feeling of excitement for what comes next. Back in the Canaries it was the… Continue reading 69. Back at Base Camp

68. Solitude

I’ve just spent a week entirely on my own. As I say that, I realise that half of you sarcastically say something like ‘wow, you have finally tried proper retirement’. And the other half, equally sarcastically, say ‘thank God, you let the rest of us rest our ears for week’. But I’m going to ignore… Continue reading 68. Solitude

67. Time to Say Goodbye

Saoirse is lying in a marina that forms a part of a fancy resort that is virtually empty. The resort that is, not the marina. Which is great. It means that we can pay $50 a night and get treated like the $500 a night hotel guests that the place is really built for. The… Continue reading 67. Time to Say Goodbye

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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well congrats but dissapointed with the fishing after everything i tried to teach you looks like we will have to come to the carib to give you a refresher course on how to fish,not lose nets,how to put clicker on and drag settings !!! All the best amigo


    1. Thanks my friends. Your lessons were great. And we only dragged the line when we wanted fish. Happy to take a refresher class though. You are so welcome on Saoirse anytime. And I would love to teach you sailing. Would love to see you two as students rather than teachers! Take care of each other. You are truly a special couple. Tomas


  2. Hello there you all at the boat ,
    I, Hectors grandmother and Björn came here to SouthAfrika, 40 km from Cape Town, a week ago. We were looking for warm and sunny weather but not the 35 degrees we had the other day and next weekend it will be around 40!!.
    Such days we don’t spend at the golfcourse.
    However wheather change very quickly with some rainshowers announced tomorrow and around 26. Golfcompetition is at the schema.

    Today we have visited 3 vineyards, tested wine and had lunch. Wine is a very big industri here and most of the wines keep high standard.

    We follow your further aventures and are very glad for the beatiful photos. Hector I can still recognice you!!

    All the bests from us / Margarete and Björn


  3. hi tomas and crew from a dreary day in dublin

    sent u some emails, not sure if you received them

    was in les saintes 30 years ago and still remember it . what an beautiful island

    regards, fergal


    1. Hi there Fergal. Yes, Les Saintes was fabulous. In Barbuda now. Fantastic too. I’m not sure why but I have not received your mail. I’ll send you something directly later to make sure you have the right address. Best. Tomas


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