72. The Big Blue

I’m getting ready to go in a couple of days. I have already checked out of Panamá so technically I guess I’m an illegal alien here in the anchorage. But I have no more need to go ashore. I’ll spend the next couple of days cleaning Saoirse’s bottom from shells and growth that has accumulated… Continue reading 72. The Big Blue

70. The Panamá Canal

In a few days I will go through the Panamá Canal. One of the wonders of the modern world and one of the largest and most complicated engineering projects ever undertaken. I could bore you with tons of facts and figures that you can find online but, in short, the Spanish conquistadors considered it back… Continue reading 70. The Panamá Canal

69. Back at Base Camp

I’m in Shelter Bay Marina. In Panama. Right next to the Atlantic entrance to the canal that will take me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. And I get the same feeling here as I got back in Lanzarote. A feeling of excitement for what comes next. Back in the Canaries it was the… Continue reading 69. Back at Base Camp

68. Solitude

I’ve just spent a week entirely on my own. As I say that, I realise that half of you sarcastically say something like ‘wow, you have finally tried proper retirement’. And the other half, equally sarcastically, say ‘thank God, you let the rest of us rest our ears for week’. But I’m going to ignore… Continue reading 68. Solitude

67. Time to Say Goodbye

Saoirse is lying in a marina that forms a part of a fancy resort that is virtually empty. The resort that is, not the marina. Which is great. It means that we can pay $50 a night and get treated like the $500 a night hotel guests that the place is really built for. The… Continue reading 67. Time to Say Goodbye

63. Where Next?

I’m getting Saoirse ready for a haul-out in a couple of days. For some much needed TLC at the local boat spa. It’s over two year now since she was last on land. Back in Tropea in the south of Italy. She will get waxed, polished, new antifouling and new through-hulls. So that she is… Continue reading 63. Where Next?


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