63. Where Next?

I’m getting Saoirse ready for a haul-out in a couple of days. For some much needed TLC at the local boat spa. It’s over two year now since she was last on land. Back in Tropea in the south of Italy. She will get waxed, polished, new antifouling and new through-hulls. So that she is … Continue reading 63. Where Next?

61. Spicemas

The people of Grenada celebrate Spicemas in August every year. A ten day celebration of the abolition of slavery. Locals dress up in costumes symbolising a combination of past oppression, their African roots and just in feathers (and very little else). The carnival part at the end goes on night and day, all to the … Continue reading 61. Spicemas

60. Hibernating in Grenada

I have reached Grenada. At the far south of the Windward Island chain. Located 12 degrees north, Grenada is technically in the hurricane zone but it is a lot less likely to get hit than the islands further north. That said, the island was struck by Ivan in 2004, a force 5 hurricane that caused … Continue reading 60. Hibernating in Grenada

59. The Med or The Caribbean?

Having spent six months or so in the Caribbean and several years in theMediterranean, I thought I should venture a comparison between these two premier cruising grounds. Not an easy undertaking as they both offer beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, lots to explore and a near perfect climate if you are in either place at … Continue reading 59. The Med or The Caribbean?

57. Island Time

I’m aware of that I haven’t posted anything for a month now. One reason is that I managed to get some sea water through the hatch above my navigation table where my computer was. As a result my keyboard is acting up and it takes me forever to write using the onscreen keyboard. I have … Continue reading 57. Island Time


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