13. Finally, Some Sailing

Sweden’s arguably most important annual celebration is just over. This is when Swedes return to their pagan traditions and party long into the night in celebration of summer, light, fertility and God knows what else. Actually God wouldn’t know as religion has nothing to do with it and I am pretty sure we would have slaughtered a goat and howled at the moon a thousand years ago. Nowadays we stop at alcohol from lunch until early in the morning, silly songs and dancing around a cross with what must be meant to resemble testicles hanging from it. This must have been a horrific view for the first missionaries that turned up in the 800’s or so.

For me, midsummer has always meant boats, archipelago and an all weekend party at someone’s country place. Social distancing meant that this year was a little different but we managed to celebrate in style and I got to go sailing for a few days. Not on Saoirse but on my brother’s and his wife’s beautiful Sweden Yachts 42.

My original plan was to leave for Tropea just after midsummer but we are still none the wiser when it comes to this virus. Several countries are opening their borders to some extent but it is still unclear when I will be able to travel to Tropea. Particularly as I would like to bring a car full of stuff with me. I guess all I can do is to follow the development and buy more stuff.

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