21. Hibernation

The cruising season is here and I am getting ready to go. Marina life has been great, even during lockdown, but it is time to move. To explore and wake up to new horizons.

We have been a small group of cruisers that have spent the winter in Gaeta. People from widely different backgrounds and from all over the world. It is highly unlikely that we would have given each other enough time to get to know each other, was it not for the fact that we have all been hibernating from winter and lockdown on our boats in the same marina. In our own bubble. Friends and family at home have been quite concerned over the fact that I have spent so much time on my own, in a foreign country. But quite frankly, it would be hard to find a more social and welcoming scene than the one we have established in our pandemic bubble. One where we all bring our individual technical skills and advice to help solve each other’s boat problems, share cruising experiences, suggest places to go and finally finish the night off with a sundowner or even a party on Carla. The heart and soul of our community. Sandy and Helga actually live on the catamaran Carla and must be sick of us all in their cockpit every night.

Sandy & Helga with their ‘adopted’ grandchild Shadow

Hibernation has also allowed me to prepare for the cruising season. Apart from taking lessons in Italian, I have for instance bought a drone, a new tender, water maker, barbeque and a machine that makes proper coffee. And a new stand-up paddle board that was a gift from my very generous colleagues. But more about that when I have put it to use and no doubt will be able to supply some embarrassing documentation from the first test run.

So, whilst our small hibernating community has provided great shelter from a grim pandemic world outside it is now time for us to spread our wings and see if we remember how to fly.

Maik. Airline Pilot and Diver
Mark & Gabbi’s daughter Shadow. Mom not pictured unfortunately
Mike & Carol
Claudia, everyone’s favourite doctor. You may need one after a trip in ‘Mr Cooper’

Hans-Peter is Swiss and Nathalie from France and they own the Amel Supermaramu, Nathape, that they have lived on for 25 years. They recently completed a 15 year circumnavigation and I only wish I could spend more time and learn from these adventurers. I would like to recommend their website, http://www.nathape.com, to anyone with even the slightest interest in photography.


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