23. Learning to Fly

One of the cool toys that I have bought is a drone to document my little adventure with. I have primarily focused on the flying part rather than the documenting. It turns out that part is hard enough. Particularly when I generally start and land from the foredeck of a boat. Which means that my small helipad moves all the time, it is almost always windy and there is a whole lot of sailboat rigging to hit as you take off and land. It means that I generally have to do it all manually as the ‘return to home’ function almost certainly will mean a crash in the rigging or in the water. Something that inevitably will happen, sooner or later. I have certainly had some close calls already. But it is a lot of fun and at least I am not going to sit in the aircraft as it crashes.

The editing program that came with the purchase has a whole lot of functions that I haven’t even begun to look at and I have not really started to film as I have no intentions of becoming a youtuber. I will leave that to more cinematic guests that may visit in the future. In the meantime though, here are some initial, totally untampered with, photographs from the sky.

Carla in Procida
Saoirse in Procida
Castello Aragonese, Ischia
Ischia in the other direction. The walkway leads to Castello Aragonese
Morgan as First Mate in Ischia
Isola di Vulcano
Lipari from Isola di Vulcano
Gran Cratere, Vulcano
Monte Vulcanello, Vulcano. Note the yellow sulphur deposits
Stromboli from Panera

4 thoughts on “23. Learning to Fly

  1. Hi Thomas looks like you having fun with your new toy . We are missing you. Make your way to Greece. Enjoy your time with your son.


    1. Looks like you were having fun yesterday judging by the video footage. Made me think of joining you for Sandy’s big day. But I have to meet my son and friends in the Egadi Islands in a few days. Unless I can convince them to come to Greece instead…


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