25. Isole Egadi!

I thought that I should add another post quickly following my previous one on wind conditions. Just to prevent anyone from feeling sorry for me as that would be seriously misplaced concern. Because this place is fantastic!

A couple of months ago I had never heard of Egadi. But I have to say, it beats most places I have seen in the Mediterranean. Three islands off the west coast of Sicily that form a paradise. Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. I have been here for several weeks now and have no immediate intention of leaving. I have visited all three islands several times and still can not pick a favourite. Here are some pictures of this gem.

Preveto, Favignana
Punta Longa, Favignana. Sicily in the background
Beach bar at Punta Lunga, Favignana
Castello di Santa Caterina and Favignana town. Sicily in the background
Caves on west coast of Favignana
Saoirse at anchor by caves
Old tuna fishing boats at Tonnara, Favignana
Favignana from Levanzo
Marettimo from Levanzo
Caves at Punta Troja, Marettimo

2 thoughts on “25. Isole Egadi!

  1. Great to see that you are on the move! The drone pictures are fabulous and really gives new perspectives! I am sure you are eager to go to Spain so you can watch proper football and get decent food 😉


    1. Thanks Daniel. I would love to move west but I’ll have to wait a year. Not necessarily to eat better or to watch Spanish football fall apart though😀


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