45. Saoirse’s Atlantic Crossing

Hi there, I am Saoirse. A 40 foot boat that just took four idiots across the Atlantic. From Lanzarote to Martinique. It took 22 days and 10 hours to travel 3,315 nautical miles. So I averaged 6.2 knots. Most boats my size plan on less than 6 knots so I think I did OK. I had a few 120 Nm days and a few with 180. I think I could do 200 Nm if pushed, but I can also get too quick for my own good. My flat belly makes me surf really well and sometimes a big wave can make me lose control of where I am going. Fortunately I was told to slow down many times. Particularly during the first week as one of the four idiots had never been on a sail boat before. Two of the other ones did not have that much experience either. My mainsail and my finest piece of clothing, the gennaker, only came out after a week. But let’s face it, with a clean bottom and a new wardrobe, I would have had no excuses for being slow.

I love the sun. The guys told me – come to the tropics, you will love it. You will feel full of energy. The fact is that I have never felt so drained of energy. There was very little sunshine and the guys made me do things that I have never done before. At least not for such a long time. Like running the autopilot for three weeks in large following seas, making ice for their drinks and constantly making fresh water for them. Lots of fresh water. They went through 1,400 litres of water and they still didn’t smell all that well. That is OK, but I need the sun to recharge. They therefore had to force feed me instead. With the generator until they ran out of petrol, then the main engine.

My biggest fear was that I would break some of my vital systems. After all, I am eleven years old now and no spring chicken! But we got to the other side without breaking anything. Only some stuff that they never cared to secure properly. Like the bloody microwave that they made me carry even though they didn’t use it once. They only used it to store their eggs in it. Really clever. The only scrambled eggs they got during the crossing. And the captain probably blames me for losing his brand new iPhone overboard. My main concern though, was the autopilot. I steer much better than any of these idiots do. They start to lose focus after only a few minutes. I think my captain can fix most of my vital parts. I am not sure about the autopilot though, so I have asked him to get me a spare.

So while my captain and his crew strut around the place, proud of their achievement and with a new-found interest in red trousers, I think it is time for them to remember who really did all the work. I think I deserve some appreciation here. Some TLC. Or at least some maintenance work. Otherwise I may make them remember who really took them across the Atlantic!

6 thoughts on “45. Saoirse’s Atlantic Crossing

  1. Dear Saoirse ~ You are a beautiful sailing vessel! I am quite confident your captain and crew are very appreciate of how wonderfully you took such good care of them on the crossing — they are lucky to have you! Here’s to fair winds, great adventures, and good stewards who take great care of us! ~ SV Sunflower, but you can just call me ‘Sunny’ ⛵️😊


      1. Hi, Tomas! I see you and Saoirse are on the move again; are you still using PredictWind’s messaging system? ~ Chelle

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    1. Thanks so much, Tomas, for letting me know; I wasn’t sure if you are able to use email now, or if you’d still be using PredictWind messaging. Now I know. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing where your next adventures lie ahead. Are you still with your full complement of crew onboard? All the best, ~ Chelle


      1. Hi Chelle. Still the four of us onboard. At least for another four weeks or so. We are trying to figure out where we can go with further covid restrictions. Best. Tomas

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