51. Sailing Plans

A month and a half. That is how long I’ve spent in the small island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. A long time for a circumnavigator with itchy feet. But I have decided to stay in the Caribbean another year. Otherwise I should really be making my way towards the Panama Canal by now. But staying here longer has by no means been a concession. This place offers a unique combination of secluded anchorages, pristine beaches, wildlife (below and above the waterline), historical sites and a vibrant sailing community. And it is literally littered with superyachts. You hardly react anymore when a 200 foot sailing monster moves through the anchorage, with crews of thirty or more, all in matching clothes. And it now seams perfectly normal to watch an entire steel band being launched from a superyacht onto a secluded beach in order to entertain the guests during a lunch ashore.

My immediate plan is probably to hang around for another couple of weeks as I am waiting for my friends Calin and Ioana that I met back in Italy last summer. We were planning to sail across the Atlantic at the same time, but they had to haul out in Tenerife to deal with a problem with their rudder and they have only just arrived in the Caribbean. I will then continue north towards Saint Martin/Sint Maarten as I, at some weak moment in time, offered to babysit my friend Rikki’s boat as she has to fly to the US for a few days. I also hope to pass the old Swedish colony Saint Barthélemy on the way. After that, I guess it will be the Virgin Islands before I will have to start to move south again for the hurricane season. The plan is to dodge hurricanes in Grenada and the Grenadines. But that’s months from now and I really don’t want to make detailed plans that long ahead anymore. The old me had to do that all the time, the new version lives in the now. And right now I am going to have rum punch and watch the sun set over English Harbour.

In closing, I just want to mention that my parents just took in three Ukrainian refugees at their summer place on Korcula in Croatia. Two young ladies with a one year old that drove all the way from Lviv in order to escape the war in Ukraine. So proud of them for doing their part when the world outside my little paradise is trying to destroy itself. Again.

English Harbour
The start of Caribbean 600
Rikki and Lisa
Olof and Annie from Happy Pancake
Hiking with Rikki and Tomacci from Nari Nari
Frigate birds on Barbuda.
Pink Beach, Barbuda
Grilled lobster at Shack-A-Kai on Barbuda
My favourite barman. Enoch at Shack-A-Kai

12 thoughts on “51. Sailing Plans

  1. Hi, Tomas ~ Your world looks and seems absolutely divine down there — it’s good to know you are having a such a wonderful time and that your travel plans, moving forward, are like a favorite pair of jeans — loose and comfortable! I wonder, the woman in the pic (on the right) with the lobster-fest at Shack-A-Kai — is she from the sailboat SV Trance from the U.S.? She looks a lot like her — she and her hubby are wrapping up their 2 year-something circumnavigation aboard their Island Packet — they’ve been in Barbuda for a while now. I actually wrote to her on her blog (Sailing Trance) about you, thinking you may cross paths as circumnavigating sailors so often will tend to do. 🙂 I send an email, earlier this week, to you. Hope it arrived AOK. Boat survey results are in as of today, and in an interesting turn of events, I also just received word from the Shipman Accent 26 owner that he now has a proper title for the boat…things are really cookin’ around here! All the best, ~ Chelle


    1. Hi Chelle. Yes I got the email and I’m sorry I have got around to that or the questions yet. I will of course over the next few days.

      The woman in the picture is Karen from the motor yacht Margaritaville. She is German and one of my cruising friends out here. I didn’t meet anyone from Sailing Trance yet.

      Really good to hear things are moving on the boat front. I will keep my fingers crossed. Best Tomas


      1. Hi, Tomas ~ Thx for your reply! ‘Island time’ is totally cool — no rush re: email and interview questions. Am grateful you let me know you rec’d the email, too. 🙂 Figuring out my new knock-off Go Pro camera and I think I’v narrowed the list done on the drone situation. I’m excited to explore and learn with my photographic skills this coming sailing season! I’m also working on original music to accompany my videos as well. Creativity is vital. All the best, ~ Chelle P.S. Did Daniel get back to Sweden alright? Is your other son visiting soon?


      2. Hi Chelle. You are spot on when it comes to creativity. Daniel got back to Stockholm the other day. Morgan is studying in Rome now. He was going to come here before but got Covid and couldn’t fly. His window for visiting is closed until the end of July. But then it is hurricane season here. Best. Tomas


      3. Hi, Tomas ~ That’s wonderful Daniel is home safely — I bet his trip to CR was lovely! My sister-in-law and her husband are there, right now, actually, on vacation. One of their sons likes to go to CR to surf, too. That is terrible about Morgan getting Covid – I hope he is feeling back to normal, now. In my other posts, I overlooked mentioning how it warmed my heart so much to learn of your parents opening their doors to welcome the Ukrainians — I am relieved they are in a safe place in the care of your parents! Kindest regards, ~ Chelle


      4. Thanks Chelle. I’m proud of my parents for doing their part. Both kids are good now and where they are supposed to be. All the best. Tomas


  2. En strålande dag i Stockholm med sol och 5 (!) plusgrader. Glädjen före detta övergick snabbt till avundsjuka när jag läste det senaste inlägget. Ser verkligen härligt ut i din del av världen☀️Förstår att besluten du fattar nuförtiden är väldigt annorlunda jämfört med för ett par år sedan…. Hur går det med dykcertifikat och kitesurfing? I början på 2000-talet tog jag dykcertifikat på Utila, en ö utanför Honduras som då sades vara det billigaste stället i världen för att ta cert. Inget jag rekommenderar dock då kvalitén på instruktör och utrustning var vad man kunde förvänta sig för det priset😀 Fortsätt njut av tillvaron och tänk lite på oss som blir glada för 5 plusgrader🥶


  3. Hej Daniel. Nej, jag kan inte säga att jag saknar Sverige mitt vintern. Allt är kanon här. Jag hoppas kunna ta dykcert på nån ö snart. Tills vidare har det blivit snorkling och lite fridykning. Kitesurfning blir nog lite senare. Bästa. Tomas


  4. Well, well, well Thomas, I see you made it across the pond in style. I landed in Martinique on Christmas morning but now I’m well home and back to house life.
    Keep going man and talk soon.


    1. Hi Jim. Great to hear from you Jim. All is great here in Antigua & Barbuda. I forgot to tell you, I saw your boat in Le Marin, Martinique when we got there. Together with a few other ones from your fleet. Is it still there or has it been shipped across? Do you have any other projects in mind for the boat? Best. Tomas


    1. Thanks Olli. On ‘vacation’ in Florida for a week or two. Left the boat in St Maarten. First time in a house in a year. Having a great time and you certainly feel less old in Florida. I hope all is well back home and that you keep kicking ass. All the best, mate. Tom


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