56. Handing Over the Baton

As of next month, I am officially retired. I haven’t really contributed towards the financial growth of our society for almost a year now. Unless you count spending a ton of money on my boat. But I have just instructed the company that holds my pension to start paying out early. To me that is a statement. I’m no longer playing. I can sit courtside and comment on how well the next generation of players do. Be the crazy uncle at the Christmas table if you like. But before that, I think that it would be fair to admit that when the rest of my generation hand over the baton in a decade or so, we are not likely to leave a table set for the next one. With the return of a cold war and an actual real one in Europe, inflation that will eat my fixed income quicker than Saoirse, soaring defence budgets, mass migration, pandemics and climate change it doesn’t feel like this place will be in better shape than when we found it. I’m not sure I will be in any position to judge the next generation. Not that that will stop me though.

But in addition to monitoring the next generation of planetary caretakers, I hope to be able to spend at least fifteen years or so sailing around the world. And in doing so, learn how to dive, explore remote islands and atolls that are still above sea level, learn more about weather patterns and get better at writing about things that interest me. I also want to leave smaller footprints and clean up after me and others as I go. For that, I will need guidance from the next generation. They seem better at that than me and my peers.

4 thoughts on “56. Handing Over the Baton

  1. very philosophical and scary Tomas. enjoy your trip while you can as none of us know what is going to come at us this winter with all the world problems as you have very well described them. however i suspect it will not be good. time for an aperol spritz me thinks!!


  2. Hey there.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and musings. It always brightens my day. This one is different but well said!

    A small tip for you when you have your open water or advanced open water diver certs: there are diving shops that have environmental dives where you can help in whatever they feel it is safe for you to do. I have been one one where we cleaned up on a coral reef for example. Great experience diving whilst helping to clean up.

    By the way we are all doing well at the Stockholm office and looking forward to the summer hols after audit season.

    All the best and stay safe and injury free!


    1. Thanks Sofia. Great dive/cleaning suggestion. Something to look for when I’m certified. Good to know all is well back at the ranch. Can’t say I miss those audits though. Best. Tomas


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