58. I Can Breathe Under Water!

No, I have not gotten gills. But I have been certified as a PADI Open Water Diver. Licensed to breathe 18 meters below the surface (I have actually already been at 25 meters). Diving has truly lived up to all my expectations. It is a fantastic experience to share an hour with moray eels, turtles, sea horses, barracudas, spotted eagle rays, lobsters and all the colourful schools of fish that hang around the healthy reefs around Bequia. And it really isn’t that difficult. Once you get the hang of how the equipment works and you learn to balance your buoyancy so that you feel almost weightless. Scuba equipment and an underwater camera are certainly next on the list of things to buy!

I’m a diver! I really need to stay out of the sun though…
My diving instructors at the back. Ron and Lamont from Bequia Dive Adventures. Patient guys!
Rikki. Marine biologist who dives for a living
Rikki’s son Thatcher
Rikki and Bear.
Sun downers with Rikki, Thatcher, Ray and Bear
Beautiful Bequia
Tobago Cays!
Midsummer celebrations with Olof and Annie from Happy Pancake and their guest Kader that they met at a kite surfing school. Next on the list to learn btw
Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
Lisa from Happy Pancake feeding a week old baby goat
Happy Island, Union Island
Hurricane refuge on Canouan
The first hurricane scare of the season. It turned out a lot better. I was at the white dot!

6 thoughts on “58. I Can Breathe Under Water!

  1. Hej Tomas,
    Grattis till dykarlicencensen.
    Du verkar som vanligt ha det hur bra som helst.
    Här i Sverige har vi det väldigt varmt.
    Jag förmodar att du säkrat båten ordentligt inför orkansäsong.
    Ha det så bra vi ses/Jonas


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