73. Podcast

I’m safely anchored here in Nuku Hiva. Following a fantastic crossing from Panamá. One that I will cover in a post that I am working on. I will of course also report on what actually happened when I went M.I.A. for a week or so. In the meantime though, I thought I’ll share this link to a podcast that I took part in back in Panamá. With Annika Rautiola from the Liveaboard Sailing Podcast. Annika is very professional and quickly made me forget that it wasn’t just a chat between the two of us. I can understand why she has more than 20,000 downloads every month and I certainly downloaded several of her previous episodes for my Pacific crossing.

8 thoughts on “73. Podcast

  1. Thomas!

    So great to hear you’ve arrived to the other side! We have been thinking about you lots out there and then we came across the post about you going MIA but then was found. I can’t wait to hear what happened. So glad you’ve arrived safely. I just had a listen to the podcast as well and it was fantastic. Great to hear your voice again. I use to listen to that podcast a bunch before we began this journey. I loved to hear what you had to say. We have just arrived in Miami just a couple hours ago. Had a wild squall last night by the Bimini islands which was quite insane. Another friend was there and he’s been sailing his whole life and 6 years cruising on his boat he said it was the most violent storm he’s ever been through. Needless to say it cut our time short in the Bahamas as our engine came off the mounts on our starboard side, and the sail drive is compromised. So we are here to repair Imagina and we put a few posts out in the world to sell her. It was a hard decision but we need to travel back home to see our dogs downsize sell our land and move on to the next adventure. Perhaps live somewhere where we can have a small mono haul to sail around. Anyway so great to connect here and know you are missed! Had a fabulous time with Happy Pancake in the Bahamas! Lots of love and fair winds to you friend -Chazlynn


    1. Hi there Chazlynn. So nice to hear from you. Though I must say I find it a little sad to hear that you are selling Imagina. I was hoping to meet up with you two again in some anchorage. That said, I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. And I truly hope we get to meet again in a not too distant future. I still think of you every time I look at the stickers on Saoirse’s hull. All the best. Your friend Tomas.


  2. Well done Tom!! Great to hear that you have made it so far! Remember you told me that crossing the Atlantic allows you to proudly wear bright red trousers… I can’t imagine what crossing the pacific would allow you to wear…. I guess I will find out next time I see you😀. Anyway, looking forward to pictures and stories from a part of a world that I have never done any business in. Keep sailing mate!! All the best! /DMV


  3. Relieved to hear you are safe Tom – I thought you’d dropped hook mid-Pacific – and to hear that SwIrish brogue again…Looking forward to reading your story.

    Guess you are at Tiki Tuhiva – really interesting place with lovely people. The French influence clearly didn’t travel that far…

    If DMV reads this too, I’m wishing him well – another Team-Tom success story I see.



    1. Hi there Martin. All is great here and I’m indeed anchored next to the Tiki Tuhiva. People are great here and we went to a dance show with cruiser participation yesterday. So happy that things are going well for DMV. We met up a couple of times when I was back in Stockholm in September. Best. Tom


  4. Hey!
    There you are! Good to hear you arrived safely to your first port of call in the Pacific. Was following your posts until they stopped (I loved the random rant about the ladies in the laundromat btw). To get time to reflect, get into that meditative state and being in the present and focusing is what I imagine solo sailing does. That is something of what I get from hiking and doing martial arts. I wonder what it would be like to do it for such a long time though.

    I did wonder if something had happened when the posts stopped. At the same time I know you have sailed your whole life and you seemed to have planned so well and that you could handle most things. I know that it’s not a guarantee but…

    Listened to the podcast as well. Good stuff. Interesting to hear your tips and your thoughts on solo sailing. I had not reflected on that When you do it with someone you are not hanging out due to the shifts you have to take. Being alone might be a single point of failiure and 2 ppl might be good for backup if something happens but as you say you need more supplies and have less marigins that way, and possibly you also might get a greater sense if security which may not be the true state of things and that may make you more careless.

    Anyway, end of reflections on solo sailing for now. Well done and I am looking forward to the next post on the week we missed.

    All the best!


    1. Hi there Sofia. You are spot on. Particularly when it comes to being able to reflect on smaller and greater things in life. Without background noise. I find that to be so enriching. I’m sorry for the concern I caused a lot of people when my satellite router died on me. But that really is all that happened.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. It’s always hard to hear your own voice though. Take care of yourself. Best. Tomas


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