60. Hibernating in Grenada

I have reached Grenada. At the far south of the Windward Island chain. Located 12 degrees north, Grenada is technically in the hurricane zone but it is a lot less likely to get hit than the islands further north. That said, the island was struck by Ivan in 2004, a force 5 hurricane that caused massive damage. And I have already had a night with 50 knot gusts in the anchorage when numerous boats dragged across the bay. Fortunately my trusty Spade anchor, and the 80 m long chain that it is attached to, made sure that Saoirse stayed in place even though she was dancing from side to side all night.

My plan is to hide here for the next few months and explore this beautiful island. A plan that a share with a large cruising community that communicate with each other via VHF channel 66 every morning or meet for sundowners by the pool at the local marina. I also want to get some boatwork done as I plan to hall out in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this will give me an opportunity to go to Sweden and meet friends and family. In the meantime though, I am going to enjoy the waterfalls, the lush vegetation, the hikes and all the friendliness that this island has to offer. As well as the local carnival that starts in a few days. All while keeping an eye on tropical cyclone development in the Atlantic. I could not have picked a nicer place to hibernate.

Mount Carmel Waterfalls. Just before I crashed the drone in a tree at the top of the fall. It took an Indiana Jones expedition to retrieve it
Exploring Grenada with Happy Pancake
Snorkelling an underwater sculpture park
Street food everywhere
Backseat drivers
West Indies Brewery
Sailing to Grenada
KIck ‘Em’ Jenny. An underwater volcano. Don’t pass over it!

3 thoughts on “60. Hibernating in Grenada

  1. Hi, Tomas! Absolutely incredible pics! (I hope your drone is okay!) Those waterfalls are seriously epic! Man, I would so love to see those in person, not to mention swim near one!!! How old is the underwater sculpture park? The scenery there is spot-on gorgeous — my husband used to travel there each fall to teach at St. George’s University — wish I had been able to travel there with him to see the beauty of Grenada! Perhaps one day! Safe travels back to Sweden (another place I’d love to visit one day as well)! Best, ~ Chelle


    1. Thanks Chelle. I haven’t tried the drone yet but it looks OK. I took a long time to find it and when I finally did it was way up on a tree branch. I googled the sculpture park and it says that it was arranged in 2006. It is just out there, unmarked, in 5 m depth, in a bay off the west coast. We couldn’t find all the statues though. Apparently there are over 30 of them. we were looking for one with a man playing the piano and another one with a man sitting on a park bench. I love this island. Best. Tomas

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      1. Tomas, thanks for looking up the info regarding the sculpture park — I would love to see that! The statue you mention of the man playing the piano reminds me of the cover image on Eddie Vedder’s ‘Ukulele Songs’ album (awesome album, btw) – it’s not of a man playing the piano, but it is a man sitting at a desk with a typewriter (https://pearljam.com/music/album/eddie-vedder-ukulele-songs). Glad, again, you were able to recover your drone, and I hope that it is still functioning OK. And happy to hear how you are loving Grenada so much — please keep sharing your stories and pics with us! Best, ~ Chelle

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