61. Spicemas

The people of Grenada celebrate Spicemas in August every year. A ten day celebration of the abolition of slavery. Locals dress up in costumes symbolising a combination of past oppression, their African roots and just in feathers (and very little else). The carnival part at the end goes on night and day, all to the constant rhythm of Soca music.

This three day carnival kicks off at 4 am on the Sunday with something called the Jab Jab Fest. Jab Jab is a French word for the devil and it involves putting on cattle horn hats and pouring tar and motor oil all over yourself. Left over motor oil is then applied to anyone around them that is deemed to look too pale. For obvious reasons, I did not bring a camera to that part of the event. But the YouTube clip below will give you a pretty good idea of what this looks like

Jab Jab costumes and motor oil aside, Grenada is a truly special island. Rich in culture and with a population that is not only proud of their sovereign nation but also amongst the friendliest that I have met. I’m in no rush to leave this place.

Lunch on the go!

4 thoughts on “61. Spicemas

  1. Wow! The costumes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this, Tomas, I previously did not know about Spicemas in Grenada! All the best, ~ Chelle


    1. Thanks Chelle. I went to the Carnival in Sint Maarten back in May. But that was nothing like this. That felt like it was just a show for the visitors. This was all for the locals, and as visitors, we were welcome, but incidental to the whole thing. This was their gig. Best. Tomas

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